The December WTD Pack Dogs of the month are Jack, Sadie, and Theo who are owned by Danielle!

The November WTD Pack Dogs of the month are  Elenor, Betty, Becca, and Tessa, owned by Russel.

The October WTD Pack Dogs of the month are Honey and Edgar, owned by Ivey.

  • Honey is a 2 year old pitbull mix who is full of energy and loves to play with other dogs.
  • Edgar is a 5 year old black mouth cur who is a couch potato that loves people and pups.

The September WTD Pack Dog of the month is Zelda, owned by Katie.

  • Zelda loves ball and playing with the hose.
  • She always gives high fives and she loves cats.

The August WTD Pack Dog of the month is Heathen, owned by Ben Blach.

  • Heathen is a 7 year old boxer mix that was adopted from the Birmingham Humane Society in 2016.
  • He always enjoys having pups around and especially loves running at full speed at WTD!
  • His favorite part of the day is coming back home to sleep all night long.

The July WTD Pack Dog of the month is Fern, owned by Lauren Herman

  • Fern is 3 years old.
  • She loves snacks, playing fetch, and snuggling!

The June WTD Pack Dog of the month is Flidais, owned by Ellyn Smith

  • Flidais is a 2.5 year old Cattle Dog.
  • She loves playing with her friends at WTD, especially her bff Kiva.
  • Flidais excels at dog sports and particularly loves scentwork and dock diving.

The May WTD Pack Dog of the month is Fate, owned by Andrel Pilkington

  • Fate is a 10 month old smooth coat border collie.
  • She loves swimming, frisbee and showing in the conformation ring, and is learning all about scent-work.
  • She is nicknamed the Chaos Goblin and loves everyone and every thing she meets. 

The April WTD Pack Dogs of the month are Atlas(Shepherd Mix) & Becks(Golden Retriever Mix) owned by Ricky, one of our Operations Managers.

  • He adopted Atlas in 2019 as a puppy and he got to grow up with us at WTD. In 2021.
  • Becks was brought in by a client as a foster dog and immediately taken to Atlas and Ricky. He was adopted by Ricky shortly after.
  • These two boys have the most adorable bond and love coming to work with their dad.

The March WTD Pack Dog of the month is Kai, owned by Teresa. Kai is a Shiba Inu who turns 10 years old in November this year,

  • His mom has been working here at WTD since Kai was only 2 years old.
  • You might have recognized his unusual bark if you have been in our lobby during check out. Shiba’s have a bark that is commonly called the “shiba scream”
  • He is a very sweet guy who loves cheese and his favorite people.

Kiva is our first WTD Pack Dog of the Month! She is an adorable lab that just turned one and is owned by Adam!

  • Her favorite dog is Flidais and they can play all day long!
  • She will always bring you somthing in her mouth – she is a true retriever.
  • She is a phenomenal swimmer, loves the lake even when its 40 degrees outside.