Salon Hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM; Saturday 10AM-4PM and Sunday for boarding checkout only.

We Talk Dog’s full service grooming salon offers a wide range of services for your dog. From bathing and grooming, nail trimming to ear and teeth cleaning, our grooming department is fully equipped to handle all of your dog’s grooming needs. Grooming services are scheduled or can be added to daycare and boarding services.

  • Grooming dogs will have a $15 “Grooming Handling/Daycare” charge for dogs that are here for more than 6 hours. While in Daycare or personal one on one care.
  • All grooming dogs are required to have bordetella, distemper, and rabies vaccination.
Small Dog (0-20 lbs)Medium Dog (20-50 lbs)Large Dog (50-75 lbs)XL Dog (75-100lbs)XXL Dog (100 lbs +)Includes
Bath$40$45$50$60$70Bath, brush, nails, glands, & ears
Furminator$60$70$80$90$100Bath, brush, nails, glands & ears PLUS FURminator shampoo & conditioner system
Tidy$60$75$90$110$130Bath, brush, nails, glands & ears PLUS trimming face, feet, & potty area
Full$70$85$105$125$140Bath, brush, nails, glands & ears PLUS all over body cut or shave

Additional Services:

• Nails Trimmed – $10

• Teeth Brushed – $10

• Flea & Tick Treatment – $10

• Dematting – $10 (small/toy), $15 (medium), $20 (large), $25 (x-large) additional

• Coloring – $20 and up

• Stenciling – $10 and up

• Bows and bandanas, optional