Worth The Investment

“… I truly have a different dog after less than a day of change. You guys did a great job, and I will recommend you to everyone I know that wants a well-behaved dog. Your services are more than worth the investment.”

— Isaac M., Birmingham, AL



“I’m coming to train you.”

“MIRACLE WORKER! That is the only way I can describe Adam Summerford. When I first called Adam and made an appointment I inquired as to how long the training session would be for dogs. He very politely told me, ‘I’m coming to train you, not the dogs.’ After teaching me…we spent all of 15 minutes with each pup doing a couple of short exercises. Literally overnight habitual barking, wetting in my house and begging ceased. This program works and is worth every dime.”

— Peggy D., Trussville, AL


Puppy Training

“Thank you, Adam, for the training and good care you are providing to my 8 month old lab, Lucy. She is such a good girl the training is going great but I still have to remember she is a lab puppy, that is why I use puppy daycare when I will not have the time to spend with her she comes home tired and happy Lol! Thank you everyone that I have seen that plays and handles my pup you are all treating her with such kindness while still training her. Lucy wags her tail in appreciation”

– Sandy L., Birmingham, AL


Four Different Dogs

“WOW! I woke up to four totally different dogs this morning!! Marquis and Ruby are incredible! They are by my side and just look to me for what they should do next. My neighbors dogs are barking right now and my two are just laying here by my feet content.  This is only the first day and already I am thinking WOW! I cannot wait until our pack bond grows even stronger from this position of alpha.  Thank you guys SOOOO much for coming out last night and making such a wonderful and much needed change to my household!”

-Kenzi R. Birmingham, AL



Pack Mentality

“For the first hour or so of the session, Adam basically talked to us about how a dog thinks and behaves. This relates back to their roots as wolves and the “pack” mentality. The key to training…is to establish the hierarchy of your “pack” and let your dog know where their place is in the pecking order.

 After that, we did some basic training, went on a walk with a lead, etc. By the time Adam left, our dog was a completely different animal. If you are looking for an effective method of dog training, give Adam a call.

– Jeremy F.  Birmingham, AL




“Hey Adam it’s Robert Thompson, April saw you on I-65 north today she said the Tahoe looked great hope y’all are well. Sadie is the dog of our dreams, thanks again.”

-Robert T.



No More Wall Chewing

“Sheetrock and Crown Molding are names of the past for my Shih Tzu’s, Caesar and ZuZu. The training program changed our lives instantly. Adam Summerford takes time to address the issues you are experiencing and creates a plan that fits your lifestyle. It has been six months since Adam came into our home and our dogs have not thought once about chewing on our appetizing walls! Thank you for helping me to become a better pet owner.”

-Alexis B.  Birmingham, AL



Taking Turns Being Submissive

“Playing together for ten minutes at a time…perfect…no growling – super fun to watch. Janis is so relieved. Man those leads get tangled up fast!! A real success story. More pics to follow. They both let each other jump all over each other, taking turns being submissive. Thank you so much.”

– Rory C.




“Adam – We have two very quiet dogs laying next to us (one on each side) on their beds. Priceless. Thank you so much for what you do.”

– Rebekah




“Mr. Adam – Thank you for helping me be a happier dog!! You are a wonderful trainer!”

– Kodi & Christy



Ultimately Me

“Adam – I just wanted to let you know how much I genuinely appreciate everything you have done to help Stu and ultimately me with him.  It really feels as if you have gone above and beyond!  Please know how much it means to me.  You have such a gift and your positive outlook on things has been so inspiring! I look forward to staying in touch.  Thank you again for everything!!”

– Brooke B.



They Sit AND Stay

“Hi Adam – Hope you’ve been enjoying a great weekend. We have had the best one here in a while, especially with the puppies. Still have no words to express how amazed and relieved we are that there is some structure here and that the direction we are going in is positive! They are actually sitting on mats too, out on the porch and in the media room. AND THEY STAY! WHAT??? I still don’t believe this but I am thankful and count it as an answered prayer and God’s blessing. That’s what you guys were for us, answered prayer!!! Seriously, thanks Adam, so very much. I know we’ll be talking soon!”

-Annette A.



Sit & Wait

“Adam – Thanks again for last night. I was still able to make him sit and wait for food, sit and wait at the top or bottom of the stairs, and even wait on the “bed” in the living room for a treat after he ate. I truly have a different dog after less than a day of change. You guys did a great job, and I will recommend you to everyone I know that wants a well-behaved dog. Your services are more than worth the investment!”

– Issac M.


My Husband Is Amazed

“Adam, I just want to thank you for your time today with Pearl and myself. I phoned you about an hour after you left because I was totally amazed at Pearl’s changed behavior in such a short period of time. My husband is totally amazed, since bringing her to work stressed him some because she was EVERYWHERE! Again I thank you and I have e-mailed Rick and Bubba to continue to have them promote this training procedure on their show as I have proof it does work. Thanks again!!”

– Mary


Sitting Is Good

“A HUGE thank you for your time yesterday. You would be so proud of Glenn. He sat down last night and watched at least one of the DVD’s. We are all learning to talk dog 🙂 Cloie is learning how to respond already. She was so funny last night and today. If she was being corrected on something and she wasn’t sure what to do, she sat down. You could see her thinking…Sitting is good.”




“Thought I would pass along yet another milestone with Jackson’s training. I decided to put Jackson to the test this weekend and walk him around the neighborhood ….leash free! The first test was Saturday morning at 5 am – a significantly low risk time to encounter people, cars and dogs. We passed one jogger and a walker…..in both cases Jackson passed with flying colors. Yesterday, we tried for 5PM…..(as you can imagine, prime time in for meeting and greeting in my neighborhood!). Our first encounter was an unknown dog walking on a leash with his master across the street from us……of which the dog was going nuts to get to Jackson, Jackson merely looked over and perked up his ears but kept to his task…..The other dog’s owner called out “What a well behaved dog!” Thanks to his training, he was ever the gentleman. With a single command we were on our way again! GO JACKSON! Thanks Adam!!”

-Kelly T.


Impossible Possible

“Hi Adam – Wow, first I would like to say thank you so very much! Ya’ll have made what I thought to be impossible, possible. I must admit, when I first heard about Talk Dog Training & Coaching on Rick and Bubba one morning I was thinking to myself yeah right, they probably couldn’t help my dogs. Then I thought, “well, it’s worth a try. It can only get better from here.” I made the phone call and scheduled the appointment. A couple of weeks later you were at my door with smiles on your faces. I was thinking to myself, “I have a really long list and I really hope you can help me.” After six hours of not only training the dogs, but myself as well, the skepticism I previously had, turned into disbelief. The dogs were in the house lying on the floor next to me. There was no more: barking, chewing, scratching on the door, jumping on people and things, running into the house when the door opens, nibbling, separation anxiety, house breaking, digging, fear of people, difficulty walking on a leash. Naturally not everything was fixed in that one session; however, having them calmly come into the house and not jump on the furniture or people or bark at the door was definitely an accomplishment. As instructed, I continued the training and techniques for the next two weeks and as you said I would have the loving, happy dogs I want. I must say you could not have been more right! It has now been about six months. I have what I believe to be the “perfect” dogs and I could not be happier with the outcome 🙂 My dogs are now living inside with me, sleeping in the bedroom at night, and being the happy, stress free dogs I have always wanted them to be. Not only do we have happy dogs, but we also have happy owners! I am so glad ya’ll were able to see the outcome of your program, and it meant so much to me to hear how impressed and happy ya’ll were with our progress. I support this program 100% and I am proud to say that I am a very satisfied client. I without a doubt enjoy telling my success story and campaigning for Talk Dog Training & Coaching whenever the opportunity presents itself! Again, I can’t thank you enough. Not only are you kind, warm-hearted people, but you have been so patient with me and that really means so much! Hope to see ya’ll again soon!


P.S. The paragraph below does not even sound like my dogs; however, it did help remind me of how they use to behave. Thank goodness that is no longer the case 🙂


……… I have two dogs, a Border Collie mix, Sayde, and a mini Austrailian Shepard, Riley. I adopted both of them when they were puppies. Sayde is almost a year old now and Riley is about 9 months. The problems that are presented between the two of them are: barking, chewing, scratching on the door, jumping on people and things, running into the house when the door opens, nibbling, separation anxiety, house breaking, digging, fear of people, walking on a leash, riding calmly in the car, and splashing water out of their dog bowl. My hope is to get them to a point of obedience where I can sit on my back porch and enjoy myself and them. I also would like to have them trained well enough so they are allowed to come into the house every now and then without destroying something or jumping on furniture. They are two very loving dogs who just need a little help. Thanks!!!”

– Carly B.


Absolute Best Dog

“We knew that if we just listened to the things that Adam told us, we would have the dog that we wanted. We saw a difference in our Sophie the day that HTTD came to our house and started the training. Of course after the training we had to implement some changes in our home and in our lives to make us the pack leaders, and I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy — but we knew that it was the best thing for our dog and that it would help her have a much healthier, obedient, and stress-free life, and that is the most important thing to us. After making those changes, we now have the absolute best dog in the world! We loved the experiences we’ve had with HTTD! We strongly recommend them to anyone that owns a dog, even if you think that your dog doesn’t need “training”! It will help you have a better relationship with your pet, and help you truly learn!”

– Josh & Alicia D.




“I just wanted to share with y’all that today, for the first time in a year and a half, I got ready for work without sequestering Lulu. The baby gate stayed open and she and Princess were both in the den in their respective spots on their beds. It’s the first time in months and months that I’ve felt confident enough in them and in myself, my ability to control them, to allow it. Perfect Percy, of course, was right there with Princess, as he always is. I checked a couple of times while I was blowing my hair dry, and they stayed put. I was so proud and happy, I nearly cried. Tonight, for the second night in a row, all 4 of us have curled up on the sofa together to watch t.v., peacefully.


This year, the thing I’m most thankful for is what you have given me. You’ve had a tremendously positive impact on all our lives. Thank you very much.

 Hope you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

– Sam




Walks Are Enjoyable

“I think I sent the below email only about 4 or 5 days after you guys left. There was a lot of improvement in the beginning and even more so now. They are doing great on their leashes…..barely have to be corrected at all! Walks are soooooo much more enjoyable!! No more accidents in the house and the barking….wow! Hardly ever. The Thanksgiving holiday was a real test for them but EVERYONE kept saying how wonderful they were doing. We did carefully supervise them with the kids but they did AWESOME! No barking or growling:) I don’t think I heard my 3 year old niece say “no scrappy” one time!


I can not thank you guys enough for giving me insight into the minds of my pups! You were a tremendous help and I’m sure that they will continue to improve even more!  I can’t thank you guys enough!

Ann (and Ethan)


Passion For The Process

“Tanya and I really enjoyed/benefited from your visit the other day! You both seem to have such a passion for this process you can’t help but to get on board with the concepts. With 7 it is going to take a while to implement the changes but we are putting our focus on Nigel and Sara first and then move to the others on the “list”:-)  Also, thanks for the information on the dog foods, it was an eye opener! I have been researching the different brands on the list / and others and my, oh my…there are a lot of different opinions out there! Thanks again!!”

-Clint & Tanya




“Okay what did you do to Chico???? I gave you a snippy insecure dog and you have sent back to me a sweety pie!!! He saw a family Fri. afternoon that he used to bite at and nothing!!! He greeted them and sat down in his bed the whole time they were here and let them pet him!!!!!!! Today we are going to PetsMart to get dog food and meet folks. I’m flabbergasted!  Thanks and I’ll keep ya’ll posted.”



This Year vs. Last Year

“Emma is doing great. I took her to our “Rascal Day” at school which is a day where we can bring our dogs to school for a parade, treats, and playtime. She had a great time. She was very calm. Last year, she pulled me the entire way there and then growled at multiple dogs. This year, she didn’t pull me at all. Everyone of my friends said she was a brand new dog. I even got to put the leash down on my lap while I ate lunch and she laid there next to me calmly. She never growled at any of the dogs, and actually made a few friends. She hung out with a maltese and chihuahua all day! She normally tries to chase smaller dogs, but relaxed with these little dogs in the sunlight.


At home she has been very good. She has even played with my boyfriend’s Weimaraner. She used to immediately attack Lacy, or only last a few moments until they got into a fight. Now, she and lacy will play for 15 – 20 minutes wrestling without a single issue. Emma only growls when Lacy growls first and she immediately relaxes when we intervene. She used to go into attack mode and attack nonstop. Now she goes immediately back into play mode. She even takes Lacy toys when we get them out!


Emma’s vet even said she is a much happier dog and completely different. She has lost weight since her new food. She has eaten the better food for a month and it has actually lasted a month while her old food only lasted 2 weeks. My friends compliment her all the time. My parents even said she is acting much more calm and not as neurotic as she had been. Thank you!!



Three Musketeers

“Thanks so much for all the knowledge and help you gave my parents and I Saturday. The dogs are already changing for the better. Buddy went almost a full 24 hours with no barking!! Last night was our first REAL test – a friend came to visit, rang the doorbell/knocked and I of course expected Buddy to tear through the house like always. It was almost scary…he stayed on his bed and never moved! I actually had the door opened for a few minutes while we got something out of my friend’s car and he never moved a muscle! We can’t thank you enough and look forward to the day when you can come visit again and won’t recognize the “3 Musketeers”! Thanks again for all your help!!!”



Eager To Work With Her

“I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. Just as an example… I am NOT a morning person to say the least, but I have been eager to get up and work with Bailey the past 2 days! I am trying really hard and she is doing great! She is still having some issues at the door, but we are continuing to work on that. She is doing great on the stairs! She is testing me inside a fair amount, but I am being as consistent as I can. Thank you for your time on Sunday – you have totally changed things at our house!


I do have a story that I wanted to share with both of you…

Last night, I went to take her for a walk and Parker (our almost 5 year old) wanted to go with us. I was worried it might be a little too much to try, but he wanted to go, so I sucked up some confidence and off we went. She did great on the stairs. He ran right down them and she waited for me to go and then call her down. I was loving on her at the bottom of the stairs and asked Parker if she wanted to pet her. He said “um, no” so I didn’t press it and we went off on our walk. He was all over the place and Bailey did great. Someone stopped and asked us for directions and I asked her to sit and she sat until we were ready to go again. Passing another dog was a good test, but again, we worked through it… when we got home, I loved on her and then Parker asked if he could hug her (he hasn’t done this before). I showed him how so he wouldn’t scare her and then he squeezed her so tight. She went a little limp, almost like she love it, too. He then asked if he could give her a kiss. I cannot tell you how much this warmed my heart. I have wanted harmony in my family and by that I mean my children and my dogs all happy together! and after that, I know we are on our way! Now, I knew when I married Craig that he wasn’t a “dog person” and I know better than to think I can change someone, but he has such a good heart, I just have a feeling there may be some “like” in there that he just hasn’t discovered yet! 🙂 I feel like we are on the right road and I thank you for giving me that! Now, if only “whoa” would work on my children, I would be in great shape!


Thanks for what you do! I promise to keep working at it and will keep you posted on our progress!



Calm & Peaceful

“Adam (and team) are worth their weight in GOLD! Not only were they professional and extremely effective with our new puppy Great Dane, Wasabi and our 8-year-old mutt, Max, they were very interested in our dogs, their connection to our family dynamics, patient, and kind. I had come down with a disability and our Great Dane puppy was growing faster than we could possibly train her. This was a potential nightmare. With their assistance over several visits, WE learned how to train our own dogs and that education would help us out for our dogs and our lifetimes.


If you are having any behavior problems (big or small) with your dogs, you must contact them immediately! It has made our household much calmer and peaceful!”

– Lynn & Mike



Call We Talk Dog

“Want to put all your friends’ dogs to shame with your well-behaved four-legged friend? Call We Talk Dog. I can’t say enough great things about the trainers. They are so knowledgeable, professional and friendly. And best of all – they LOVE what they do! The training principles they taught us back in 2009 will remain with us for life. Our welsh corgi, Solo, is now 3 years old and is so friendly and well-behaved. We are able to take him almost everywhere we go and know he will always obey our commands. All of our friends love being around Solo. We owe it all to We Talk Dog!”

– Courtney A.



“Thanks!  Dogs looks (and smell) great!”

– Jay


A Little Work On The Human’s Part

“Adam and the We Talk Dog team gave us the comfort of owning a pet and knowing that our “Miss Magnolia” would be raised in a safe and nurturing environment – a member of our pack. The concept is easy and just takes a little work on the “human’s” part for the optimal and best outcome for your dog. He is supportive, worked well with all family members and we considered his extended service to our family through his boarding facility to be a valuable benefit.”

– Becky


Maintain Loving Control

“I hired Adam to help me with my Pugs that could not be in the same room together without fighting to the point of serious injury. He trained them and taught me the skills I needed to gain and maintain loving control of my pets. He is kind, devoted, professional, thorough, and expertly skilled. His love of dogs radiates from him and is unparalleled. I recommend him and the daycare/ boarding services at We Talk Dog without hesitation.”

– Sam


Simply Amazing

“Adam is simply amazing at what he does. So great to work with and really is the best I know working with dogs! I would never use anyone else.

– Jan M.


Daycare & Boarding

“We’ve used Adam to help train our dogs, and we were extremely pleased with the results. We have also sent our dog’s to We Talk Dog, and it is hands down, the best place in Birmingham to send your to dog for doggie daycare or boarding.”

– Edward


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