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Romey’s Story This week we wanted to share the story of one of our training clients Romey, the Havenese, who came to We Talk Dog for training after a culmination of aggressive behaviors that resulted in Romey biting Libby, his young owner. After the family dog died when Libby was two, she excitedly counted down […]

Tips to Keep Your Pup Safe on Halloween! With Halloween right around the corner we thought it would be good to reshare some information to keep your pups safe and happy this Halloween. Ok, so it’s time to torture ourselves with our best frien-emy ever…Halloween candy.  And our pups usually love it as much as […]

How to Use PetExec Each We Talk Dog client is given a PetExec account so that you can schedule boarding and daycare as well as update your pets information online. You should receive a welcome email after you come in for temperament testing. When you login for the first time your username will be the […]

When Should You Start Training Your Dog? by Adam Summerford   Training starts before you even pick your new dog up. Creating boundaries and teaching your dog what is expected of them right from the beginning will ease their transition and set your pup up for success. Most Dogs want nothing but to please you […]

GROOMING Q&A   At We Talk Dog, Jeanette and the team answer questions about the grooming process daily. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions and information to consider when deciding if its time to schedule your pup a grooming appointment.   “How often does my dog need to be groomed?” Most dogs […]

Crazy for Coconut!

We all love our dogs and want nothing more than to keep their happy, healthy tails wagging!  This not only means keeping them bathed and brushed, but keeping their bodies healthy as well.  Now you can use one product to help keep them in looking and feeling great!  Coconut oil has been shown to help with dogs’ coats and […]